Shoes…. A Love Hate Relationship.

Vanity Thigh High Boot

“Shoes, let’s get some shoes”

Mmmmm shoes! Perhaps the best part about buying a new outfit is finding the shoes to match. Sometimes in the most unexpected times and places we are surprised with the most killer shoe staring us in the feet. We have no choice but to throw down the plastic and take it before it’s gone. We don’t have any idea what outfit it could possibly go with, all we know is that this pair of shoes is the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen.

We can’t wait for a night to show them off. We strap them on our pretty pedicured toes and look in the mirror. Oh how glorious do our butt and thighs look in these heels. They give us the perfect arch and define our legs. No man can resist this terrible twosome. We don’t even care about men at this point! We just want to get our dance on. Out the door we go in our sexiest strut to start our night. As we end our night with our fishnets torn and our makeup and hair in disarray, we limp and hobble to our cars vowing never to wear those damned shoes again. We take them off and throw them in the closet like a bad habit.

Next week, as the urge to go out and strut the town comes creeping into our heads, we go back in the closet and dig those devil heels out from their hiding place. We do our hair and makeup and strap on our heels and take that last look in the mirror. Oh how glorious our butt and thighs look in these heels…

Delight Ruffle Platform Pumps

And so goes the sordid love affair of women and shoes. They make us feel beautiful, we give them our hearts, they hurt us, and we go back to them. It’s just the way we are. I recently wore my favorite pair of boots to death. The heel finally broke off during a particularly long walk from one club to another. I cursed them out horribly and threw the heel into the street in rage. The next day I spent my entire night using the canvas from the boot and making myself a sexy new jacket out of it. Love. Hate. Back to Love.

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Your Writer…. and the boots that brought her to her knees,

Cara Maria

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